Brian A. Rice

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Brian is self-motivated, and has a strong ability to understand new technology and the corresponding possibilities and ramifications in an ever-changing technological landscape.

• Has been leading teams of IT professionals for 30 years.

• Founded a video game development company in 1980; in business for 15 years.

• Variety of industry experience: Financial, software publishing, and software development.

I have been leading teams of IT professionals for 30 years since starting a video game development company back in 1980. My leadership skills have been demonstrated across a variety of industries, from my early work as a pioneer in the emerging era of video game software development to my most recent role co-managing the trading operations of Superfund Asset Management, Inc. As such, I have demonstrated skills that range from bringing new products to market to planning the development and evolution of internal software systems within an organization.

I am especially proud of my interpersonal skills in understanding the needs of, and creating consensus among, technical and non-technical project stakeholders



Principle in the creation of over 100 products, including Karaoke Player for the iPhone; Centipede for Playstation; Jeff Gordon® XS Racing, and DeBabelizer Pro for Windows; Iron Helix and Myst for Sega-CD; Home Alone, Shanghai II, and Young Indiana Jones for Sega Genesis; The Electric Crayon, The Electric Jigsaw, and many others for the PC and other micro-computer platforms. (A complete list is at the end of the resume.)



1997 - Present, Software Designs, President

Software Designs is a multimedia software development and consulting company. The primary focus is mobile app and web site development. Past experience with virtual development teams and with interactive games development is helping us create unique and interesting apps for a variety of clients. And, allows us to draw from a wide pool of talent.

2002 - 2009, Superfund Asset Management, Inc., Head of IT / Board of Directors

Superfund is a global managed futures fund that managed nearly 2 billion in assets. With world wide sales offices, Chicago was the primary location for trade execution.

1998 - 2000, Real Sports, LLC., Director of Technology

Real Sports, LLC. is a quality game developer located in Elgin, IL. An exciting, and challenging, aspect of leading title development for Real Sports has been the direction and management of top talent located around the country. Real Sports has been making a concerted, and successful, effort in establishing a virtual office environment and virtual development teams.

1997 - 1998, Taproot Interactive Studio, Director of Technology

Taproot is a premier builder of web sites and CD-ROM's. Work directly with clients to evaluate their needs and requirements. Develop proposals and technical specifications. Lead the development team. Evaluation and development of internal technology.

1995 - 1997, Equilibrium, Chief Architect of DeBabelizer Pro for Windows

Primary designer of both the UI and the internal architecture of DeBabelizer Pro for Windows. This was a conversion of the Macintosh DeBabelizer product, where it was important to utilize legacy code and, at the same time, take advantage of the latest in UI design and operating system technology.

1981 - 1995, Brian A. Rice, Inc., President

Brian A. Rice, Inc. was a multimedia software development and consulting company. The company created over 100 products for the educational, video game, and computer based training marketplaces.

Led staff and sub-contractors, numbering up to 20 people, in the design, production, and development of these products.

The products developed by Brian A. Rice, Inc. range from original consumer titles to corporate training CD-ROMS. The list of titles includes the Electric Crayon, a multi-platform computer coloring book best seller, Home Alone, Shanghai II, and Young Indiana Jones Sega cartridges. Brian A. Rice, Inc. also performed conversions of many popular games including Myst and Iron Helix.

For a complete client and product list, click here.

1980-1981, Decision Consultants, Inc., Consultant

Applications and systems programming consulting.

1979-1980, Berry Bearing Company, Systems Programmer

Applications and system programming in an IBM mainframe environment.



Programming, new technology, interface design, team management, client relations, PC and console development, computer graphics, internet, web development, multimedia.

C#, Objective-C, C/C++, ASP, .NET, MFC, COM/OLE, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, Lingo, 8086, 68000, 6502, 65816, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, RPG  

Computer Systems
iPhone, Android, Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Commodore C-64, Amiga, Apple II 

Game Platforms
XBox, Playstation, Sega Genesis, SegaCD, GameGear, Pioneer LaserActive, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx, CD-TV 

XCode, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage 97, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Internet Explorer, Netscape, DeBabelizer, Quicktime, Novell NetWare (IBM & Mac), CICS, HyperCard

Microsoft Certified Professional, D2 video production, teletext, Ardis, pager networks, compression and error-correction technologies, TAP/IXO protocols, IPX, CD audio production, animation, 3-D programming, interactive laserdisc, LAN management, Novell CNE, MHS, wireless communications, database design.

Implemented C runtime environment on several game systems and developed operating systems software to support game applications development. 


Educational Background

Majored in Business and Computer Science at Bradley University, Peoria, IL, 1976-1979


Complete Client and Product List

Activision (Mediagenic)

ASC Games / Real Sports, L.L.C

Atari Corporation

Atari Corporation/V-Real, Inc.

American Library Association

Drew Pictures




Educational Publishing Concepts




Hasbro / Real Sports, L.L.C



Lab Safety Supply

LimoStation, Inc.

The Learning Seed

Merit Studios/Polarware, Inc.


MicroIllusions/Electronic Arts


National Headache Foundation

Optimum Resources, Inc.

PC Globe


Rand McNally

Random House


Sega of America, Inc.

Society For Visual Education (SVE)

Software Designs

Sugar Association

Sunsoft, Inc.

Swakker, LLC.

Teacher Support Software

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