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Different Game! Different Rules!


Midway Games

CHICAGO, IL - Midway Games ships RedCard 20-03, an adrenaline-style soccer game, for the PlayStation 2.

RedCard Soccer is the all-new 11-on-11 adrenaline soccer title in Midway Sports' lineup. Lace up the boots and don’t forget your shinguards because you’re about to get kicked in the teeth by the most entertaining Soccer game ever created.

Software Designs implemented a major portion of the 2D shell on the PlayStation 2… and was entirely responsible for the implementation of the 2D shell on the Xbox and the GameCube platforms. Software Designs also created an Art Tool for Midway that allowed their artists to work with and preview their 3D artwork… including stadiums and environments, character models, and 2D and 3D particle systems.

Improve your Game!


Ace-It Golf

EVANSTON, IL - The Scoring Edge™ web site is built for golfers who want to get ahead in the game.

Members can enter and track their rounds of golf by choosing from a selection of courses (or build a new course), compare multiple shots or rounds, and get advice on areas for improvement and goals to set which will make the most impact. Members can even share and compare rounds with their buddies!

Generator and Flash are used to create interactive charts and scatterplots. A full-blown Flash application allows you to enter the shots for a round of golf.

Video on Windows CE


VectorMAX Corporation

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Taking streaming video technology developed by VectorMAX Corporation, Software Designs created a video player for VectorMAX that runs on Windows CE.

VectorMAX Corporation is doing research and development with proprietary video and audio compression technologies.

Software Designs also completed a player application that runs on Windows 98/2000 and is working on Adobe Premiere plug-ins that support the VectorMAX file format.

Multi-player Gaming Site.

CHICAGO, IL - Boy this one was a lot of work! Built for scalability, this site contains multiplayer games, written in Flash 5.0, using XML to communicate with the game server. On the server we had to write an NT Service to provide managed memory for game state, write the game logic with C++ dll's, and handle the XML parsing in Visual Basic dll's. And, we used the new XML object capabilities of Flash 5.0 to transmit moves and poll for game status. Try it out!

Flash! Maps with Flash!

Outdoor Intel

DENVER, CO - Software Designs has developed a prototype web site that will deliver high quality outdoor sporting maps to users. In addition to topology and normal map features, these maps contain database driven points of interest. The maps are delivered to the client's browser as Flash documents. By using Flash, the maps are vector-based allowing fast download, real-time panning and zooming, as well as interactive features including a distance measurer.

A Tasty and Nutritious Site.


LOS ANGELES, CA - The web site will generate a meal plan based on a user profile (weight, bodyfat, ...) and will take into consideration food likes and dislikes. From there, you can generate a shopping list, find a grocery store, edit and substitute meals, and so on. This site is set up with administration tools to generate co-branded sites, as well as track and manage users.


Need a Ride?


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - An on-line Limousine reservations system that features real-time geocoding, pricing, and email order confirmation. Also, supports XML availability and reservation transactions for server-to-server communication with Sabre and other online reservation systems.

Networking Organization Site.

The Technology Executives Club

VERNON HILLS, IL - The Technology Executives Club is the Midwest's largest executive-level organization focused on the Internet. Not only has Software Designs built and maintained the technical portions of the web site, but also our President, Brian Rice, is on the Operations Advisory Board for this group. This site includes member registration and a member directory.

Another Networking Organization Site!


Coming Soon...

Association for Multimedia Communications (AMC)

CHICAGO, IL - AMC is a networking organization for those involved in using interactive multimedia and the Internet as a communications tools. Software Designs is currently working on membership registration and a membership directory that includes the ability to search for members based on skills and categories.


It's Party Time!

Solo Cup

CHAMPAIGN, IL - This gorgeous web site is full of graphics AND content. Used as a tool by resellers and distributors, this site features an advanced search engine that links with the mainframe product database (the product database includes images that are served up straight from the database.) Also, there are secure areas that contain pricing and promotional materials for download.



Buy Some Shoes?


CHICAGO, IL - Using Active Server Pages, this site features a product catalog that is tightly integrated with the mainframe product and inventory databases. This site also includes online shopping, a store locator, and an administratable press releases page.

A letter from one happy customer:
Dear Florsheim,
The store locator on your website is one of the best that I've ever used. Because of my job I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year. In all the store locaters of all the stores, I [found] yours to be the most helpful so far. The line that tells you how many miles you are from the store is an especially nice touch.
Thanks for the information.
Your happy customer...

More Bugs!?!

Hasbro's Centipede

BEVERLY, MA - Hasbro ships Centipede for Playstation! Two dimensions just weren't good enough... Centipede's back from the 80's and it has definitely not mellowed with time. This new game has a revamped version of the arcade classic Centipede and a new Adventure Mode that's a high-twitch battle across creepy 3D worlds.

Extreme Racing Fans...

Jeff Gordon Racing

ASC Games' Jeff Gordon® XS Racing

DARIEN, CT - Jeff Gordon® XS Racing is an action/arcade racing game that combines the heat of fierce competition with a next generation look and feel of stock car track and vehicle designs. It runs on PC CD-ROM. Check out the action!

Let's Port the Product!

Equilibrium's DeBabelizer Pro

SAUSALITO, CA - This was more than just a port of the Macintosh DeBabelizer Toolbox product. We completely redesigned the user interface to support multiple document types, drag and drop, tool bars, and more. Check out the web site to find out more about this great product.

More Fun and Games...


The Electric Shoolhouse

BURR RIDGE, IL - This site was put together to illustrate the feasibility of JavaScript for Internet development. You will find several games for young children including The Memory Game and Addition and Subtraction Flashcards. One of the most difficult things in writing JavaScript code is supporting all of the various browsers and their different versions. The code on these pages is very robust in this respect. Have a little fun!


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